Guided New York walking tours for Fashion Week, NYC September 2014

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offers guided New York shopping tours and fashion history tours, all led by a licensed New York City tour guide who is also a professional, working member of the fashion or entertainment community. We specialize in tours of the New York Garment District.
















Seek offers a Garment District Tour for every budget, from $40 group tours to affordable private tours designed for friends and family only. Private tour groups can enjoy extended fabric and trim shopping time, visit stores and wholesalers located outside the borders of the Garment District, see historic locations like the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, or spend time exploring the remnants of garment manufacturing on the Lower East Side.

Clothing on display in window of New York City boutique, as seen on guided NYC shopping tour and New York shopping tour
Our tours attract customers from all over the country and from around the world. They're fashion students, aspiring designers, shopaholics, fabric lovers, avid crafters and seamstresses, fashion history buffs, and more. Seek's Garment District tours are appropriate for ages 8 and up, with special pricing available for school and camp groups.

For those interested in shopping for clothing and accessories, Seek also offers a range of
custom New York shopping tours. Choose from itineraries such as Vintage Clothing, Plus Size Shopping, and more.

Reviews of Seek New York Tours - New York Shopping Tours and NYC Shopping Tours in New York City
Booking a Seek NYC tour was one of the best things I did on a recent trip to New York. We did the Garment District Shopping Tour...The tour itself is worth it - go ahead and book if you are on the fence wondering what you might get out of it or what you might learn or see...The subject matter is a pleasant mix of history of buildings and the development of the industry in the area, current pop-culture references, and all those insider-facts and personal stories that you can only get from an experience like this one.
Yelp Review

Thank you for the wonderful tour - you are such an excellent guide - your experience, professionalism and personality are great gifts...I have visited NYC so many times, but your tour is one of the highlights ever.
Garment District Tour Participant

Overall, this is a great walking tour for fashion-lovers who want to learn more about the industry. The tour leaves you with a deeper understanding of the history of the fashion business in New York and insight into plenty of interesting shops to explore. Review

New York shopping tours and NYC shopping tours in New York City, NY led by a fashion professional