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Costume Design and Stylist Tour

New York City tour for costume designers and wardrobe stylists
Seek's Costume Design and Stylist Tour is a New York City fashion tour designed for those who are considering a career as a professional costume designer or wardrobe stylist.

During this tour, participants will experience a behind-the-scenes look at the world of costumes while touring the city with a
professional costume designer and stylist with more than ten years of industry experience, including design and styling for television, theatre, and print.

Costume Design and Stylist Tour can be designed to best meet the needs of each participant, whether you're committed to a career in costume design or are just interested in what it's like to work as a costumer or stylist in New York City. Becoming a costume designer is a exciting but sometimes arduous process--get a leg up on the competition with this one-of-a-kind New York City tour!

New York Costume Design and Stylist Tour will help costume design majors, young designers and stylists, career changers, and recent graduates to discover what being a costume designer is all about. This tour is a highly customized experience which will be tailored the specific interests of tour participants.

Costume displayed on mannequin at New York costume rental house. As seen on this tour for costume design students.
Possible tour inclusions:
  • Learn your way around the Garment District
  • Shop for fabrics, trims, and notions while learning proper swatching procedures at one of the city's "big four" fabric stores
  • Visit a professional costume rental house
  • Shop for portfolio materials and art supplies
  • Get help putting together your first stylist set kit
  • Gain familiarity with wholesalers, wig and makeup shops, wardrobe suppliers, and other vendors servicing the theatrical and stylist trades
  • Shop for costume design, fashion, art, and theatre-related books and scripts
  • See the Halloween stores where all costumers end up when they're "in a pinch"
  • Discover the city's best vintage clothing shops
  • Visit the clothing stores best-suited to a high-end stylist budget, as well as those utilized for low-budget film and theatre projects
  • Understand how the costume and wardrobe unions work, learn how to apply for membership, and find out what happens once you're "in"
  • Find out what's really like to live in New York City and work in the entertainment industry
  • Ask questions while touring with a working costume designer and wardrobe stylist
  • Enjoy a portfolio review and critique
Costume designer taking measurements of an actor, NYC. Learn to take measurements with this NYC costume design workshop.
Ideal for:
High school students considering a costume design major
M.F.A. candidates
Aspiring designers and fashion stylists
Recent graduates planning a move to New York City
Community theatre and amateur costume designers looking to take their skills to the next level
Those thinking about making a career change
Anyone interested in an in-depth look at how the industry works

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Recommended private NYC costume design tour length is 2-4 hours, depending on group size, ages of participants, desired tour stops, and whether a portfolio critique session is requested.

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