NYC Consignment Shopping Tour

Visit charity, thrift, and high end resale shops with the Shop for a Cause NYC tour.
With Seek's Consignment Shopping Tour, you'll explore the city with a professional stylist and licensed tour guide while visiting a selection of the city's resale and consignment shops.

Clothing on display in a thrift store in NYC.
In addition to upscale consignment stores, New York City boasts an array of high-end thrift stores whose proceeds benefit a specific organization or charity.

Many of New York's resale shops receive regular donations from well-to-do New Yorkers, making them an ideal place to pick up gently used
designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for a fraction of the original price! For those interested in a mix of shopping destinations, shops from this consignment shopping tour may also be combined with pieces of our Vintage Clothing or Boutique Shopping itineraries to create a one-of-a-kind NYC shopping tour that is sure to result in lots of unique fashion finds.

Due to the unusual hours kept by some New York City resale stores, we will suggest the best day/time for your tour.

Recommended private consignment tour length is 3-4 hours, depending on how many stores and neighborhoods you would like to visit.

New York shopping tour to thrift and charity shops in NYC