Special New York Fashion Week tours of the NYC Garment Center
During Seek

Fashion Week Tours 2015
Led by a professional designer, this special guided walking tour is an extended version of our popular Garment District Tour, designed to coincide with New York Fashion Week (February 9-17, 2017).

See fashion landmarks and popular TV locations and explore the history of the garment and retail industries with a professional designer while joining in the the excitement of Fashion Week.

Dates sell out quickly—don’t wait until February to reserve your spot!

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Stop by Skylight at Moynihan Station, currently home to New York Fashion Week

NYFW Tours, September 2016.

See a factory, showroom, or other industry workspace

Fashion Week showroom tours include a visit to a factory, fabric showroom, or workspace
During the tour, participants will enjoy the opportunity to see Project Runway locations and fashion landmarks, visit fabric stores, and explore the history of the garment and retail industries while touring with a professional designer and licensed tour guide. Stop by Bryant Park (former site of New York Fashion Week), as well as Moynihan Station (the current Fashion Week location) to explore the history of this pivotal fashion industry event!

Other possible inclusions: Visit a designer showroom, fabric wholesaler, or fashion industry workspace to meet the people who make the industry tick; enjoy a meet-and-greet with a designer or industry insider for an in-depth look at the design process; stop by a sample sale or Fashion Week pop-up shop; let a well-known retailer explain how fashions travel from concept to store; enjoy a fashion-related exhibit or special event, stop by a fashion show site to do some people-watching, snap some photos, and maybe even spot a celebrity or two! Each Fashion Week tour will feature a different itinerary of special inclusions; no two tours are exactly the same! Tour also includes a complimentary Fashion Week gift for all participants.

Our September Fashion Week tours
were a big hit!
Visit our blog to read a recap of the highlights.

New York Fashion Week tours include visits to fashion showrooms and other industry workspaces.

Enjoy a Q&A and info session with an industry professional

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See a factory or industry workspace, such as this
jewelry manufacturer

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Tour highlights:
-See famous television locations
(including Mood Fabrics!)
-Visit fashion landmarks like the Fashion Walk of Fame
-Learn which buildings house the
headquarters of famous fashion designers
-Explore the
fabric and trim stores utilized by industry professionals, and enjoy exclusive discounts on purchases
-Delve into the
history of New York City’s garment manufacturing and retail industries, including the histories of great department stores like Lord & Taylor and Macy’s
-Get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work in the industry while
touring with a professional designer
-Receive a special Fashion Week gift
-Visit a designer showroom, factory or other fashion-related workspace for an in-depth look at the design process (participating businesses TBD; previous Fashion Week tours have included clothing and accessory design showrooms, jewelry manufacturers, fabric wholesalers, fashion incubators, trim factories, and other related businesses)
-Stop by a
sample sale or other fashion exhibit or event (pending availability)
-Take a trip to the Bryant Park (former home of Fashion Week) and
Moynihan Station at the Farley Post Office (current Fashion Week site) to explore the evolution of this industry event

“I am a native New Yorker and did not know a lot about the Garment District. New York is amazing, and now after this tour I plan on pursuing a fashion career. The tour was very exciting and Fashion Week was going on everywhere…I recommend this tour for anyone who wants to start out in fashion. Thanks again Seek Tours!” —TripAdvisor review of Seek’s Fashion Week Tour

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Visit with business owners to learn about different aspects of the fashion business

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This February, Seek’s special New York Fashion Week Tours will be offered on select dates between February 9-17, 2017. To purchase tickets, please visit our ticketing page. Dates sell out quickly. Early booking is highly recommended to guarantee your spot.

Tour duration: 3-3.5 hours. Tickets $65/person.

Can’t make it to any of the group tour dates? Inquire about our private Garment District tours! Private tours start at just $225/group and are designed for your friends and family only. Click here to book a private tour.

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