Personal Styling Experience in New York City

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What is the NYC Personal Styling Experience?

Seek’s Personal Styling Experience is a one-on-one session designed for customers who are interested in a more in-depth shopping and styling experience. While our NYC shopping tours focus on visiting a variety of stores with “free time” for shopping in each, personal styling sessions take place at one larger store, allowing plenty of time to experiment with new cuts, colors, and styles, ask questions, and receive advice from a professional stylist.

A styling session is the perfect way to put together a work wardrobe or interview outfit, choose clothing for a special event, adapt to body changes following weight loss/gain or pregnancy, revamp an outdated dating wardrobe, learn how to wear current styles and trends, or simply enjoy a general style lift.

This New York City styling experience features a pre-appointment questionnaire and detailed style analysis, a comfortable private fitting space, and a rack of clothing carefully chosen for the client in advance of the session. Styling appointments take place in one of the city’s large department stores, and allow plenty of time for clients to experiment with new cuts, colors, brands, and styles, ask questions, and receive personalized fashion advice (and unbiased opinions!) from a professional New York City wardrobe stylist.

Seek’s one-on-one styling sessions provide a friendly, low-pressure approach to style. Our experienced stylists work with men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets. Teens (accompanied by an adult) are also welcome to take advantage of our styling services.

Mother-daughter and couples sessions available!

What’s included?

  • Pre-appointment questionnaire and detailed style analysis
  • Comfortable private fitting space at one of the city’s large department stores
  • Rack of clothing carefully chosen in advance of the appointment
  • Personalized fashion advice in an environment where clients are encouraged to ask questions and to set the pace for the session. Clients are welcome to bring along current wardrobe pieces for opinions or accessory advice.
  • No pressure to buy. Unlike store-provided personal shoppers, Seek stylists do not work on commission. Clients are welcome to purchase as much or as little as they’d like. Some come away with bags of new clothing, while others choose to simply spend the time learning about the best designers, cuts, colors, and styles for their lifestyle and body type.
  • Customized shopping session tailored to a specific goal (weight loss, vacation, new job, special events, etc.) or a general wardrobe update
How much does it cost?
The cost per appointment is $325 for two hours, or $450 for a three-hour session. Rate includes a personalized shopping plan, private fitting space, and a rack of clothing chosen in advance of the appointment.

For those who desire a longer styling session, additional time may be added to the appointment at the rate of
New York City personal shopping and styling sessions

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