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Manhattan tour map with pushpin.
Does your NYC tour guide have the proper licenses to offer New York sightseeing or shopping tours? If you book a tour with Seek New York Tours, you can rest assured that your tour guide is fully licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

In New York City, it is
illegal to give tours of any kind without a valid New York City Sightseeing Guide License. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for unlicensed guides to offer tours to unsuspecting visitors. Below are a few helpful things to know before you book a tour in NYC.

Why should you book a licensed guide?
Booking a tour (of any kind) with an unlicensed guide does a disservice to licensed tour guides who are working hard to follow the rules, but it also hurts the consumer. Licensed guides must pass a
rigorous examination on New York City history, geography, architecture, food, culture, transportation, and more. You're paying good money for a tour, so don't you want to make sure your guide can provide insightful, accurate information?

What can you do to make sure your guide is licensed?

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